Who We Are

Printing is not just applying ink to paper. It is a process that has many steps from the correct printing of colours, to the correct processing of the paper, to the control of the design to meet the requirements of the desired product. Both technology infrastructure and experience need to be top-notch.

Anyone can make mediocre or good products, but producing excellence requires high knowledge and investment.

Cyprus Printing Global was established with this vision to offer excellence and to do this with competitive prices.

Cyprus Printing Global, a Near East organisation, serves its customers with the triangle of quality-price-innovation by keeping track of all the developments in the printing sector, which is developing in technological terms every day, together with the investments required for the largest printing investment of Northern Cyprus, taking into account the needs of our island.

Our printing house, which believes in innovation and development, offers special solutions by understanding its customers in a better way and by working in a customer-oriented manner with the principle of continuous innovation.

Our primary goal is to increase local production with high quality and high variety in the printing sector in Northern Cyprus and to increase the competitiveness of our country with high level of machinery investments that will alter the price-performance ratio.

With its high-tech modern machine park, our printing house continues to provide services with maximum quality and expert personnel on machines with high printing capacity, thanks to the largest production area and wide service network in our country.

We offer you a solution partnership with our innovative and competitive structure and our quality first and experience afterwards support.